“If I am afraid of the ocean, then I will take a boat out to the middle of the breaks” -Jennifer Cheng

NOA is a music film created by Taylor Rogers and Lillian Walker that strives to immerse its listeners/viewers into an experience of feeling, or of deep, wordless connection. Taylor's original music and dissertation serve as the backbone to a cinematic journey through loss and love. Together with a variety of movement artists, storytellers, and writers, NOA explores the idea that grief is a crucial vehicle for individual and collective healing. When embraced in ourselves and witnessed in others, our pain is transformed into beauty, just like the earth sparkles green after a heavy rain. 


The project is funded by an Indiegogo campaign, and by Northwestern University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts. 


The Creators

Taylor Rogers

Taylor is a scholar and singer-songwriter based in Chicago.  Her music and dissertation work provide the backbone and conceptual framework to NOA's cinematic journey. 

Lillian Walker

Lilly is a filmmaker based in Bloomington, IN. 

Director and Co-creator of NOA.

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