“If I am afraid of the ocean, then I will take a boat out to the middle of the breaks” -Jennifer Cheng

NOA is a music film created by Taylor Rogers and Lillian Walker that strives to immerse its listeners/viewers into an experience of feeling, or of deep, wordless connection. Together with a variety of movement artists, storytellers, and writers, NOA explores the idea that grief is a crucial vehicle for individual and collective healing. When embraced in ourselves and witnessed in others, our pain is transformed into beauty, just like the earth sparkles green after heavy rain. 


The project is funded by an Indiegogo campaign, and by Northwestern University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts. 

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The Creators


Taylor Rogers

Taylor is a decolonial feminist based in Chicago.  Her music and dissertation work provide the conceptual and emotional backbone to NOA's cinematic journey. 


Lillian Walker

Lilly is a filmmaker based in Bloomington, IN. 

Director and Co-creator of NOA.