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“If I am afraid of the ocean, then I will take a boat out to the middle of the breaks” - Jennifer S. Cheng

'NOA: a music film' is a companion piece to the contemporary folk album "NOA" (released by Taylor Rogers in 2019), and is a highly collaborative project which includes movement, poetry, music, and improvisation. The film weaves together nine tracks off the album, forming a non-linear story which strives to understand, in a modern setting, how we can embrace our grief and losses for purposes of inner and outer transformation. The film features seven on-screen independent Chicago-based artists who bring their own perspectives and unique knowledge to this multidisciplinary exploration of our emotional lives. With each musical turn, the film introduces the viewer to a new character who uses creative expression as a source for processing grief and healing. The collaborators of NOA hope to bring viewers into an experience of deep feeling, infecting them with the same kind of emotional bravery exhibited in its storytelling. 


The project is funded by an Indiegogo campaign, and by Northwestern University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts. 


The Creators


Taylor Rogers

Taylor is a decolonial feminist based in Chicago.  Her music and dissertation work provide the conceptual and emotional backbone to NOA's cinematic journey. 


Lillian Walker

Lilly is a filmmaker based in Bloomington, IN. 

Director and Co-creator of NOA.

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