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An album update AND a Joni Mitchell Tribute

Hi again, folks!

The music for ‘NOA: A Story of Human Tides’ is coming along!! We have some incredible musicians working with us including:

Austin Vaughn of ‘Sam Evian’ on drums:

Shannon Hayden of ‘Simrit’ on cello:

Timothy Bennett of ‘Possibilities’ on sax:

We are VERY excited about how things are sounding, and we hope to be finished with the audio side of things by Christmas, to begin filming early next calendar year!

One evening while in San Diego, Lilly and I took a break from album recording to film a music video covering Joni Mitchell’s ‘Little Green’ on the roof of our recording studio! The video is part of a longer-term project I’ve been involved with, learning all of Joni’s album ‘Blue,’ to be toured with a jazz trio in the coming years. Check that out here, if you’d like.

Something I’ve been thinking about as I aim to bring to life very complex ideas through art: art as a vehicle for unifying across difference.

What does that mean? Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of the body, how when words escape our ability to ‘capture,’ communicate, or understand a particular overwhelming experience, the body understands without words, through its feelings of beauty, sadness, joy. In this way, the body unifies very complex experiences through emotion in ways that concepts can’t. Art helps bring us into the body, into that unity of complexity.

Communicating across difference is very hard, and our times are calling for this very hard work. How can we find unity among so much difference?

I’m learning in my art, that sharing an experience of beauty or grief or joy across difference may be the most powerful and effective humanism that we have at our disposal during a time when words seem to be failing even our most earnest attempts to bridge great political divides.

It is armed with such reasoning that I continue to create.

May we open into each other through beauty, and have that experience inform our politics, as we approach Nov 6.

As always, thank you for your support. Each and every day I work on this project, I remember all who are making it possible.

With love,


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