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Hi folks,

Its been a busy and beautiful month.

I just returned from Mexico City and San Diego. In Mexico, I was engaged in a workshop funded by the Mellon Foundation which focused on the critical potential of art for means of resistance. Specifically, I was listening to the stories of women currently incarcerated in Santa Martha Women’s prison, who are participating in the program ‘Mujeres en Espiral,’ ( It was an inspiring and heartbreaking experience that will undoubtedly be informing my art as I move forward. We will see if budgetary and logistical circumstances align, but the seed has been planted for one of these women in particular to be featured in NOA.

After I finished up in Mexico, I flew to San Diego to finish up the audio recording for NOA. V exciting! Now we mix/master for a few weeks. I am very excited to share with you all what we have been working on, and to get started on the filming portion of this project, too. It’s going to be an exciting year.

Now, for a goodie:

After our first trip to SD last summer, Lily and I took to the road with Corey Laitman, an incredible singer-songwriter out of Northampton, MA (, for our ‘Brave Queer World’ tour. Lily, my hero, did some filming, and we are happy to be releasing a short video of the trip today. Find it here:

Gratitude for your continued support and love.

XO T & L

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