• Taylor Rogers & Lillian Walker

Annnnd... rolling! 2019

Welcome to 2019! It hardly feels real to me, but we’re finally ready to film NOA this spring!!!


It took a little longer than expected. Thanks for your understanding and patience! We’re really committed to doing this project justice and allowing enough space and time for the artistic process to happen as naturally as possible, and we knew that those who support this project financially will understand that.

As a quick recap, Taylor spent late summer, fall, and the final months of 2018 recording the music for NOA, which is now in the mixing and mastering phase. Many thanks to the contributions of our lovely musicians who contributed to the album and to Nate Vaughan who recorded the album at Gross Recording in San Diego, California.

We now have the **nearly** finished spine of the film and have been getting organised to start filming in March. My hope is that most, if not all of the filming will be done by May, and editing will take place over the summer with a release date next fall!


This project has become a serious chapter in our lives. We both have grown so much as artists and creators, collaborators, and even as ‘business’ women. Likewise, the project itself has been shaped by our experiences over the last year, the political moment that we are currently in, and the ongoing narrative of a culture that is grappling with its relationships to identity, power, privilege, visibility, and social responsibility.

Many of 2018’s most disturbing political events made their way into our creative conversations, each laying a new brick onto the foundation of this project. I’m proud to say that NOA has evolved into a story that is incredibly relevant to our current cultural crisis.

NOA is about grieving for and sharing our most vulnerable truths, and finding the knowledge there that is entirely unique to ourselves. It's also about bearing witness to the grieving of others, the stories and truths of others that bring us knowledge only available through their testimony. To trust another’s experience and to honor their unique positioning in an inequitable world requires almost as much bravery as facing our own pain and allowing it to flow through us. In short, NOA is as much about learning to speak as it is about learning to listen.

We are so excited to share what we have been making, and as always, we are deeply grateful for your trust and support.

Stay Warm!!

XO L & T

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