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JUNE Update

Hi folks,

Very exciting news--the audio album for NOA is DONE!!! We are waiting on the right time to release it, but look for it to be available late summer. I can't WAIT to share what I've been working on in the studio with you. For now, I'm attaching a never before released old song 'Clocks.' It has a different sound than this upcoming record, but as these summer days slow us down a bit, I find myself returning to it. I hope you will find it a comforting presence today:

This album truly would not have been possible without my dream team of primary instrumentalists, who I introduce here: 

Shannon Hayden:

Ground breaking cellist, Shannon began playing cello at the age of 7 and over the next several years she studied and competed both nationally and internationally. Her playing attracted the attention of acclaimed cellists Janos Starker and Aldo Parisot, who invited her to enroll in the Yale School of Music at age 18 to begin graduate studies. While there she concentrated primarily on 20th century music and had the opportunity to work with contemporary composers Ezra Laderman and David Lang. Interest in furthering the range and the future role of her instrument continued and even eclipsed her interest in traditional cello works. Reluctant to accept offers from recognized and established groups after graduation, Shannon released her second album, Solid State Cello, combining both classical and pop elements. Shannon Hayden’s fourth album, Ancient Ways, walks a thin line between avant experimental and more accessible themes. Her sound has been described as an emotionally charged journey through surreal, sonic landscapes. She performs her own compositions around the world while also providing multi-instrument work for New West recording artist @lilandmad and world music artist @simritkaur

Austin Vaughn:

A fellow north carolinian and oberlin grad, is NOA's dreamy drummer. Austin's current projects include @sam.evian, @buckmeek, @indax_music, and the Ashcan Orchestra. His solo music has been "an acoustic celebration of various phenomena, e.g. exploration of overtones, sympathetic vibration, and interference beating via 'extended' percussion techniques in addition to the totally ordinary." He studied at Oberlin Conservatory with legendary Billy Hart, Mike Rosen, Paul Samuels, and Jamey Haddad. When not touring, Austin lives in NYC. Follow him and Learn more about Austin here @austin_vaughn__ 

Timothy Bennett:

Timothy Bennett is a saxophonist, composer, and educator currently based in Chicago, Illinois. He is a graduate of the highly esteemed Masters of Music Teaching program at Oberlin Conservatory as well as an alum of Oberlin’s double-degree bachelor program, where he majored in Jazz Saxophone Performance and Religion. Originally from Chicago, Tim was introduced to the saxophone in elementary school. With the help of teachers like Jacques Slaiher, Ari Brown, Pharez Whitted, Jarrard Harris, and Ron Carter, Tim eventually decided to pursue a career in music. By the end of high school, he was enrolled in music programs at the Thelonious Monk Institute at Gallery 37, Merit School of Music, the Jazz Institute of Chicago, and After School Matters. Amongst Tim’s most noticeable mentors are saxophonist Gary Bartz, saxophonist James Kalyn, Oberlin Jazz Studies founder and former director Wendell Logan, former Oberlin English Professor John Hobbs, and drummer Paul Samuels. Throughout his musical journey, Tim has been privileged to be the recipient of the Questbridge Scholarship, the Wendell Logan Conservatory Jazz Studies Scholarship, and the Presser Music Award. Tim currently teaches middle school band on the southwest side of Chicago while maintaing an active role as a composer and performer in the Chicago-land area. He will be moving to NYC to pursue more performing opportunities this summer. Like his Facebook page 'Timothy Bennett Music,' and follow him @timmyb_89 

Please go find them on social media world and follow their incredible projects.

Thank you for reading, for listening, for supporting the art world.

For those of you who contributed to our indiegogo and are owed a pre-release single--be on the lookout for that SOON!



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